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Since Coastpak Industrial Co.,Ltd.’s establishment, we have became one of the top PET manufacturer in British Columbia, Canada. Our products are mainly used for pharmaceutical and food industries such as cosmetics, mineral water & beverages, oil, dairy products, jars, shampoos and sanitizers, etc.
There are several advanced automatic PET Blow molding machines available in our facility. Each is equipped with unique central feeding system, reaching capacity of 180 thousands pieces per day.
There are various designs preforms and specifications that are made with 100% virgin PET resin. The PET production process undergoes stringent testing and validations, which help ensuring a higher passing rate in blowing. Coastpak always provides professional solutions to meet changing market demands.
We try our best to achieve all of our clients’ needs with our sincere service. We listen to our clients’ demands and make sure our clients are satisfied with our products and services. All of this makes Coastpak 
a top PET brand in Canada.

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